AAXA annouces the P2 pico projector, with 800x600 resolution

AAXA Technologies today announced their second pico projector - the P2. The P2, uses a new LCoS chip and has 33 lumens output and a 800x600 resolution - which is the highest available today. It can display images up to 80". The P2 measures 4.3"x2.1"x1", and weights 260grams. It will cost 349$ and will start shipping on August 15th (available for pre-order soon on AAXA's site).


Other features include direct VGA connector (supporting up to 1280x720 input, remote control, stereo speakers, MP4 player, 1Gb of onboard memory and a microSD slot. Battery life is 35 minutes, but AAXA also sells optional batteries (for 70/180 additional minutes).

AAXA's older projector, the P1 (640x480 resolution) is available now for 239$.

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