AAXA announces the new M1 micro projector

AAXA has announced a new "micro-projector", the M1. It's tiny (385 grams), and can almost be considered a pico-projector, but bright - it's got 66 lumens. The M1 sports 800x600 resolution, and can project images up to 100". It includes 1Gb of on board memory and an SD card slot, stereo speakers (1 watt) and an A/V input port.


The M1 comes in two versions - standard (299$) and Plus (which adds a VGA port and costs 359$). The standard version is now shipping now. Both include an infrared remote control, 3.5mm audio output and a micro power supply. AAXA also offers optional accessories such as an external battery and connectors (for iPhone/iTouch, PSP, Zune, Nokia, Samsung and LG phones).

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