AAXA lowers the price of the P2 pico projector to 319$

UPDATE: It seems that this was a temporary deal... the price is now back to 340$...

AAXA has lowered the price of their P2 pico projector: from 340$ to 319$.

AAXA P2 photo

The P2 is an LCoS based projector (33 lumens, 800x600 resolution) with 1Gb of internal memory and a microSD card slot. It's available now for 319$.

Price back to $349?

I saw this post one day late (today is 12/16/2009), and your Amazon store link is now showing a price of $349, which is the same price as ordering directly from aaxatech.com.

Was the lower $319 price a one-day deal only? That's too bad...


You're right. It seems this was a temporary deal...
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