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1024x768, 110 lumens, max image 100"

AAXA's M2 is a micro projector, the first one with XGA (1024x768) resolution. It offers 110 lumens, a built-in media player (1GB + SD card slot) and VGA/HDMI/AV and USB inputs. It doesn't have a battery and needs to be plugged in.

AAXA M2 photo

The M2 is now available for $369.

AAXA M2 photo (stand)



I've been watching your postings for a while, waiting for an XGA projector to become available. I figured they were still a year away, so this is very exciting. The brightness (110 lumens!) alone is impressive compared to the 3M MP180, for example, at a lowly 30 lumens. It's size is a bit of a detractor - over 2.5 times bigger than the MP180, and the deal-breaker for me is the reliance on an external power supply (i.e., no power over USB). I hope the folks at Aaxa send you one of these to review; I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.



This sounds like one of the first, for the general public, usable pico projector. A high light output, and a resolution that is near HD-Ready.

If only they would be able to bring the resolution to full 720p, then I would easily be a great alternative for watching movies.

Notice that the M2 is not

Notice that the M2 is not really a "pico-projector" - it's bigger that most pico-projectors and does not include a battery.


Even though it have a remote control (which reflects on overall size)

I have seen and used other pico projectors that are smaller in size, and have plenty more features like the Logiplayer

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