Projector type: 
854x480, 80 lumens, max image 80"

The P4 is a very bright (80 lumens, the most powerful pico projector together with the unofficial Optoma PK320) DLP (WVGA, 854x480) pico projector that runs Windows CE software. It has 2GB of internal memory (and a micro SD slot) and can run any Windows-CE supported application (such as Office, PDF, games and more). It also has an optional QWERTY wireless keyboard.

AAXA P4 photo

The P4 is now shipping for $339.


It's about time we started seeing brighter personal projectors! I've found Windows CE to be a bitch glitchy in the past though, so it'll be interesting to see what they've done with that. I'm also intrigued as to whether there'll be any LED Pico's like this coming out, they tend to be a bit more reliable in my experience.

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