AAXA releases the L1, a laser-driven LCoS pico projector

AAXA has announced their latest pico-projector, the L1 laser pico projector. This is a laser-driven LCoS projector (20 lumens, 800x600, up to 50" images) with a built-in media player. It's tiny: 4.2" x 2.1" x 0.8" and weighs just 170 grams (including the battery). It uses lasers, so it's focus-free and can project on curved surfaces. It has 160MB of internal memory, but can access USB disks, and a 2GB one is included. It supports movie, photo and audio files. It also supports office documents. AAXA say that the battery life is 90 minutes.

AAXA L1 photo

The L1 costs $599, and is ready for pre-order (should start shipping on February 12). Interestingly, AAXA admits that laser-diodes are available in very limited quantities, and supplies of the L1 are limited...

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