October 2009

Optoma announces a new budget pico projector, the PK-100

Optoma PK-100

OLED Pico Projector project presents intermediate results

How Nikon made the world's first projector-camera, the S1000pj

Sumitomo develops direct green laser, to be available in 2013

Funai Electric and Nippon Signal developed a touch-sensitive laser projector

Syndiant expands distribution channels

The Nikon Coolpix S1000pj disassembly

Nikon Coolpix S100pj disassembly video

The Optoma PK-100 is available to pre-order for 218$, no release date yet (updated)

Laser based projector phones coming soon

Microvision has secured an initial purchase order for their PicoP engine from a global OEM

Syndiant shows demo of their new pico projector module

Maradin and iView to co-develop high-res pico projector light-engine

Hitachi uses 16 projectors to create a 10" 3D Display

The Optoma PK-100 pico projector is now shipping for 197$

FPS Pearl M3 projector

Interview with Jon Grodem, Optoma’s director of product and marketing

The Aiptek T30 will be released in Eurore in November (299 euros)

Microvision reports 2Q financial results, announces that their OEM partner is Uniden

The Nikon Coolpix S1000pj gets a nice review on ElectricPig

Allcam CP1 WinCE

Forever plus releases a turnkey 800x600 LCoS pico projector module with A/V/PPT support

PC Magazine reviews the Optoma PK-102

Maxim packs 3 channel laser drivers into a single chip

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