January 2010

Apin Rainbow RB330

Apin Rainbow RB330 video

3M Mpro-150

Artec PH00-1

Light Blue Optics announces the 10" Light Touch projector reference design

Asia Optical and TI show a camera with a DLP pico-projector module

Microvision to launch a campaign in the U.S. in March for the Show WX

Samsung W9600

TI's new WVGA DLP pico-projector module is ready

Optoma PK-201

Optoma PK-301

AAXA's M1 micro projector is now shipping for $299

Foryou announces an upcoming pico-projector with Syndiant's 1,024x600 LCoS

Luminus Devices' new SBT-16 LED for pico projectors is now sampling

Microvision might start to sell the laser weapon-styled game-controller



3M MPro-150 hands on video

The MiLi evolution iPhone battery and pico-projector appears at CES

Samsung shows new pico-projector at CES, we don't have many details

Hands-on with Microvision's weapon-styled laser projector controller

Two short DLP pico projector videos

Sanwa's pico-projector now available for $119 - cheapest pico-projector yet!

Holographic Laser Projection (HLP) explained

Digital World Mini Portable

The 3M MPro-150 is now shipping

Ubiprojection 2010

SSTDC announce a new SVGA laser pico projector module using Syndiant's microdisplay

Lite-On to start shipping pico-projectors soon

Syndiant: our pico-projector modules are best, see for yourself

HP to launch projector-laptops on 2010?

Adtec's Bit pico-projector is now available in the US for $330

The Aiptek T30 is now available in the UK for 285GBP

Asia Optical expects to ship 8 million pico-projector modules for mobile phones in 2011

Asia Optical to start making DLP projectors

Astri designed pico-projector video

TI updates the DLP pico-projector development kit

Taiwan handset makers not optimistic about projector phones

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