Best selling pico-projector update (February 2011)

I've decided to post a best-selling list of pico-projectors once a month. I'm currently using data from, which seems to be selling the most wide range of pico-projectors. This list focuses on projectors and not embedded modules in mobile phones or cameras. So enough talk, here's the top selling pico-projectors for the end of January 2011:

  1. Optoma PK301 ($349)
  2. 3M MPro-150 ($263)
  3. Microvision ShowWX+ ($399)
  4. Optoma PK201 ($269)
  5. Samsung SP-H03 ($299)
  6. FAVI B1-LED-PICO ($279)
  7. Microvision ShowWX classic ($259)
  8. 3M MPro-120 ($191)
  9. Optoma PK102 ($208)
  10. Optoma PK101 ($179)

Note that we list only pico-projectors, no mico-projectors. Interestingly it seems that people actually buy more high-end projectors than low-end ones - in fact there are several projectors available for around $100 (like AAXA's P1 Jr that costs $104) but these aren't on the top-selling list. It might be because those projectors aren't on Amazon's list (it depends on how these are classified).

Its worthwhile adding ones

Its worthwhile adding ones that are best selling pico projectors that are selling well elsewhere or not on Amazon especially if your not fond of Amazon's customer service. Check out the iGo 20 lumen DLP pocket projector  which is selling very well since it won the CES Award for Design and Innovation and was rated as one of the best pocket projectors the BBC had seen on Something for Weekend Gadget round-up.

Also check out the Adapt 305 pocket projector which is by far the most popular projector on the market since its release over 12 months ago. This projector was so far advanced when it was originally released manufacturers have only recently caught up and still none seem to offer the same full package (with all accessories included such as remote controls, tripods, cables to connect to mobiles, PC's etc) that this model offers.

Its also worth looking at the Aiptek V50 pocket projector which might not appear in the Amazon tables yet as its so new but it has a very impressive image.

This data comes from's sales history over the passt 2 years.

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