Explay starts shipping laser pico-projector modules to customers, expects products in Feb 2011

Explay says that their laser pico-projector module has started shipping to customers. They expect product that include the projector (mainly phones and cameras) to start appearing on February 2011. The projector supports WVGA (854x480), 14 lumens and up to 70" projections. The total volume is 6.3cc, and the height is 7mm (a bit larger than Microvision's PicoP which is 5cc). The module consumes 1.8W (1.3w for the light-engine and 0.5w for the control circuit).

Explay Colibri module

Explay is also working on two next-gen products, that will be available towards the end of 2011. The first will be pretty much the same module, but with 20 lumens. The second will support WXGA (1366x768) at 25 lumens.

Explay laser light module photo
The last time we heard from Explay was towards the end of 2009, when they announced that they were bought by ADM for only $555,000. It's good to hear that they're still in business.

See the original PR here

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