Immersive gaming experience using an head-tracking camera and a motorized pico-projector

Students from the University of Texas developed an immersive computer gaming experience - using head-tracking camera and a motorized pico-projector:

The demonstration used two games: a flight simulator and FPS military simulator. In the flight sim, you use your head as essentially a joystick to control pitch and roll angles. In the FPS, your head is the in-game player's head. When you look right, the in-game player looks right, and the projector pan/tilts to where you're looking. Pretty neat stuff!

Eye tracking ? Immersive ?

It isn't eye/gaze tracking, but only head tracking. Besides, I really don't think that without eye tracking and with such an important latency and small field of view the system can be in any way more immersive than a normal screen. Here, the only thing that you get is to be able to control the position of a display with the head, in a pretty intuitive way. Nothing related to immersion.

Actually you're right - this

Actually you're right - this is not eye-tracking but rather head tracking.

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