IntelliBright - TI's new DLP pico projector brightness technology

TI is introducing a new technology called IntelliBright that improves pico projector brightness. IntelliBright is software that changes the image brightness and contrast to provide a better photo. It can use ambient light sensor input to improve its effectiveness. TI is already working with manufactures to integrate IntelliBright into next generation products.

DLP IntelliBright images

TI says that IntelliBright consists of two distinct, patent-pending algorithms: Content-Adaptive Illumination Control (CAIC) and Local Area Brightness Boost (LABB). Since these algorithms operate autonomously, manufacturers can independently tune them to achieve desired product performance.

The CAIC algorithm operates by adjusting red, green and blue illumination strength on a frame-by-frame basis. The algorithm can be configured to maintain "constant image brightness" (which results in lower power consumption) or to maintain "constant illumination power" (which results in higher image brightness). This enables manufacturers to select their desired amount of brightness boost versus power savings.

The LABB algorithm also operates on a frame-by-frame basis by identifying "dark areas" and "bright areas" within a frame, then adding a programmable amount of gain to the dark areas, resulting in a more realistic and viewable image.

Source: Engadget

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