Japanese researchers developed a new pico-projector based mobile gaming system

Japanese researchers from the University of Tokyo and Keio University has prototyped a new mobile gaming system that combines a pico-projector, a camera and an acceleration sensor. The idea is that you can control characters projected on any surface by moving the device, and the characters acts differently depending on what you're projecting on: it can walk on horizontal lines, etc:

Tokyo - Keio gaming system photo

The team says that this system can be used on a projector-phone, as the processing power required is not so large. But the system requires that the projector and the camera are both in the same direction, of course - which isn't a feature of any projector-phone available today.

This somewhat reminds us of the Mojet system, although this takes it one step further with the camera and interaction with whatever you project on...

via TechOn

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