Light Blue Optics raised 15M$, plans to release first touch-enabled pico projector module in Q4 2009

Light Blue Optics announced that they raised 15M$, from several investors. This will allow them to accelerate the product development. They now expect their first product, a touch-enabled pico projector module to be released to OEMs in Q4 2009, which means that actual projector products will come later of course - probably during 2010.

Light blue optics conceptLight blue optics concept

Light Blue Optics have developed holographic laser projection technology. The projected image can be 'touch sensitive' - so it's not just a display, it's also an interactive touch screen. Their modules support WVGA-QVGA images at 10 lumens. LBO's proprietary technology has an ultra-wide throw angle and the ability to correct for optical aberrations using software.

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