Light Blue Optics in trouble as both the CEO and CFO left the company

There seems to be some problems over at Light-Blue-Optics (LBO). Today we learned that the company's CEO Chris Harris left in August (and was replaced by Barak Maoz). The company's CFO, Stuart Darling, also left the company - just 5 months after he started working. Stuart says that he thought the company will start commercialization, but LBO has decided to halt these plans and return to an R&D-focused stage. Back in July 2010, Dr. Edward Buckley, LBO's Biz-Dev VP and co-founder left the company as well.

LBO light-touchLBO light-touch

LBO's technology is based around a Holographic Laser Projector with a wide throw angle and also includes an infra-red touch sensor. Their first product, the Light-Touch can project 10" images and supports touch.

via BusinessWeekly

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