Maradin starts shipping laser pico-projector mirror samples to key customers

Maradin has started to ship engineering samples of their 2D MEMS scanning mirror (and a driver ASIC) to potential customers. Maradin's mirror can be used to make laser-beam-steering pico-projector modules. The chip-set supports SVGA (800x600) resolution - and should be ready for general availability by Q1 2011. Obviously end-user devices built around modules that use their mirror solution will come at a later date...

Maradins 2D MEMS mirrorMaradin's 2D MEMS mirror

Itamar Berchman, Maradin's sales & marketing VP wouldn't tell us their customers' names, but he said that "they come from both pico-projector and Head up Display market segments". He also told us that the market is response for their samples is "extremely well".

Maradin claims that their laser pico-projectors will be smaller and more efficient than the competition (by which they probably mean Microvision, too). They also say that the speckle will be very low. Back in 2009 I have visited Maradin, but haven't been able to view an actual demo yet.

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