Maradin's pico projector MEMS mirror is "pre-production ready", expects BOM to be below $10

Maradin logoMaradin is working on a laser 2D MEMS scanning mirror (and a mix-signal ASIC to control it) for pico projectors. They say that their chip-set is now pre-production ready with production and assembly processes in place. Maradin expects the Bill Of Materials (BOM) to be as low as one digit number (in US dollars). In addition Maradin already received several RPQs from companies in different verticals. Maradin will present a working demo at SID later this week.

Maradin is focusing only on the projection chip itself. The mirror's dimensions are 4.05 X 6.05mm, and it can scan both X and Y axis using electro-magnetic and electro-static engines.

Back in 2009, we visited Maradin (who are based in Israel).

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