Microvision announces a $6.7 million order for its new small form factor LBS display engine towards a new projector smartphone product

At the end of 2016 Microvision started ship samples of its new small form factor engine, the PSE-0403, to customers, with plans to start mass production in Q2 2017. Microvision now announced that its got the first commercial order

Microvision PSE-0403-101 (small form fractor display engine)

The new order, worth $6.7 million, comes from an Asian electronics device makers who plans to use the display engine in a smartphone. The phone will launch in 2017 and will ship to China and other markers. For this customer, Microvision built a customer new module (which they call PSE-0403-103).

The size of Microvision's standard PSE-0403-101 engine module is 3.6 x 5.3 x 0.6 cm and it has a volume of 11.6 cubic centimeters. The company says this compact size makes it useful in smartphones, portable media players, tablets and other mobile devices. Microvision also offers a short focal length version (PSE-0403-102) specifically for aftermarket head up display (HUD) applications and other applications with a fixed, short focal length.

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