Microvision introduces the ShowWX Plus: 50% brighter than the original

Microvision has released a new laser pico projector, the Show WX plus. It's an upgrade to the original Show WX which is 50% brighter (15 lumens). Other specs remain the same: WVGX resolution (848x480), 5000:1 contrast ratio and of course focus-free image. The Show WX plus costs $449 and is now shipping via Microvision's web store. The original Show-WX is now selling for $399.

Microvision ShowWX plus photo

Microvision has indeed promised a new 'high-performance' projector by the end of 2010 a couple of weeks ago. They are also working on 720p HD laser engine scheduled for 2011.

not really "50% brighter"|

According to the well-known Weber-Fechner law, the relationship between stimulus and perception is logarithmic.

So a 1.5x increase in luminous flux output would mean a perceived brightness increase of just 100*log10(1.5) = 17.6% .

real product please

its atill a toy if you ask me. Hey Microvision here is what i want:


a. Increase the lumens. It needs to be MUCH more bright to really get this to be useful as a home cinema projector. I dont know if incrrasing the Laser power has other side effects.
b. Fix the pin cushion and scanline problem.
c. Up the resolution to 720 P 
d. Allow DVI input (nstead of just component).

This woudl be a nasty systesm when hooked up to the Microsoft Kinect for gesture control, running off a Android phone for example. 




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