Microvision might start to sell the laser weapon-styled game-controller

Remember Microvision and Intel's new weapon-styled game controller that includes their laser projector? It created quite a hype, and now Microvisions' CEO says that they are considering turning that into a product earlier than expected.

Microvision laser-projector weapon-styled game controller photo

Their CEO also say that they have got follow-up orders for the Show WX from 2 of their customers (currently they ship to Vodafone spain, Uniden and Mint). But unfortunately they haven't got enough green lasers from Corning- supply have been low because of technical issues at Corning. Corning expects to fix those issues by March 2010, and in any case Microvision has added another supplier (OSRAM) which will also start shipping by March. Hopefully this will solve the issue.

Finally Microvision hopes to start shipping samples of their embedded PicoP engine by Q2 2010. This means that we can expect real products (mobile phones, cameras, etc.) at around Q2 2011.

Here's the full interview:

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