Microvision starts shipping the Show-WX LBS laser projector

Microvision announced today that it's opening its web store for US customers - who can now buy the Show WX laser (LBS) pico projector. The Show WX standard edition will The cost $549 and will ship on March 24th. The Show WX offers 848x480 resolution and 10 lumens, and it's small and light (only 122 grams). The image is always in focus, of course, being a laser projector!

Microvision Show WX photo

Microvision will also offer a limited edition Show WX. This will include a personalized splash screen bearing the name of its owner, SHOWWX with 'Limited Edition' insignia, certificate of authenticity and a SHOWWX VGA dock plus other accessories not included with the Standard Edition. The price is $999, and these projectors will start shipping today.

The SHOWWX uses fast laser switching technology

Perhaps good to note that the SHOWWX turns off the lasers when projecting black.
This saves energy and heat and gives a very high contrast.


Bart Burkhardt

Ridiculous price

600 dollars US for 10 lumens?
The Aaza lasrer one is 20 lumens and a hundred bucks cheaper. They claim you can go up to 200 inches? With 10 lumens? Yes, perhaps if you are a room where absolutely no light is admitted but in an average room with blinds drawn? Not likely.

At half the price it would be a good buy. And 399 dollors for a custom spashscreen and a certificate and a vga dock that should be inclided as standard if they wanted any chance of selling even at 600 dollars.

Microvision, whoevwer your marketing manager is, before them now before you have to file for bankrupcy. We're gadget geeks, not suckers!

Mike Plowman

Dude, you've obviously never

Dude, you've obviously never seen the Microvision projector in real life!

Techies will buy

Even at $1,000 for the limited addition there will be many out there that will buy the Show WX.  I called Microvision and was told that they have a lot of orders already so the base model, at around $500, I suspect will sell very well.

I hope it is as good as the hype so we will see.  I don't see Microvision going bankrupt as you suggest.  Obviously the price will come down as shipments ramp up.  In addition, the embedded pico projector in cell phones, laptops, etc. will be big business within the next three years so I believe they will do very well.  The only problem they have right now is ramping up production to meet demand.  It's good to see the demand and I believe they will sort out the production requirements with their suppliers.

over priced and over hyped

This product is over priced and over hyped.

See the LED based projectors at much higher resolution and brightness for cheaper.

Too bad Microvision spends all its money on marketing instead of technology....

Early Adopter

I've been waiting for the genuine Microvision PicoP for a couple of years. Sure the price will come down as supply increases, but I want it now and can't wait for my Limited Edition to arrive! My friends are going to go nuts over this thing!

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