Microvision to supply PicoP laser modules to Pioneer to be used in consumer and in-vehicle HUDs

Microvision announced that it will supply their laser PicoP pico-projector modules to Pioneer, which will use them for consumer and in-vehicle head-up displays (HUDs). Pioneer will develop, manufacture and distribute display engines based on the PicoP engine, and hopes to launch the first product (an in-vehicle HUD) by 2012.

Back in October 2010, Pioneer has demoed their Network-Vision HUD (which we now know is using Microvision's technology). The prototype system (shown in the video above) projects information on the windshield and connects to your smartphone so it doesn't have to be 'integrated' into the car.

Pioneer and Microvision are already working together to develop a laser light source module that uses direct lasers and an engine subsystem based on PicoP. Both of these developments will result in cheaper, smaller, more efficient and better performing embedded pico-projectors.

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