Mirrorcle demonstrates blue-laser on EPD foil at CES

Mirrocle Technologies, makers of gimbal-less MEMS micromirror devices, demonstrated several display solutions at CES 2013. Mirrorcle unveiled a battery-powered compact optical cell laser display system.

Mirrorcle CES 2013 demo

They showed the laser system at the booth of Sun Innovations, a provider of advanced super-transparent, unlimited-angle emissive projection display (EPD) foils. These foil transfer laser beams into bright fluorescent display images. One of the foils was applied to a windshield, and shows a demo automotive HUD display.

Mirrorcle MEMS micromirror coin photo

Mirrocle says their display units consume very low power (typically less than 2.5W at maximum laser brightness), and the demonstration units were either powered by a small battery or by a laptop's USB port. Mirrorcle says that the main advantage of their gimbal-less two-axis MEMS mirror and optical lenses is that it can provide both high-frequency scans as well as the ability to quickly stop at any point.

Mirrorcle MEMS micromirror photo

The company says that visitors from many industries showed interest in this technology - including from companies that design operator interfaces in heavy machinery, sea and air vessels and toy and gadget companies.

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