Mirrorcle shows a direct-laser 720p HD pico-projector prototype

Mirrorcle is showing a new MEMS-based laser (LBS) pico-projector prototype, featuring HD (720p) images. All the lasers are direct (or native) devices - which aren't actually available yet (which probably means that a commercial module won't be available soon):

The last time we heard from Mirrorcle was in April 2009, when they showed a single-color prototype. Obviously things are progressing nicely...

Direct green lasers have been announced by several companies (including Nichia, Sumitomo and others). Nichia hopes to start volume production in the summer of 2011. Currently laser based pico-projectors use frequency-doubled green laser which are big, expensive and less efficient. Mirrorcle is not alone here, as Microvision has also integrated direct green lasers into a projector prototype.

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