Sanwa's pico-projector now available for $119 - cheapest pico-projector yet!

Update: Amazon say that the projector is now "unavailable", and just before they have updated the price to $179. I hope some lucky users actually got to buy this for $119. We'll keep you updated...

There's a new pico-projector available over at for only $119 (that's the cheapest pico-projector available!), and it seems to be exactly the same as the Sanwa 400 PRJ-001 projector. It's an Himax LCoS projector, 640x480, 100c.c. in size, and uses USB for video-connection and power. The projector weights only 85 grams.

Sanwa 400 PRJ-001Sanwa 400 PRJ-001

Buy this projector now for $119.

I bought this item, the

I bought this item, the company said that it can only display static images. Nor can they spell.

This is very strange...

This is very strange... can't it display anything the computer is showing like a normal projector?
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