Sony unveils an LBS (PicoP-based) pico projector module

Sony announced today that it developed a pico projector module based on laser beam scanning (LBS). Sony is using Microvision's PicoP technology coupled with Sony's own image processing system. The new module has a resolution of 1920 x 720 and is 52x63x7.2 mm in size. We do not know the brightness though.

Sony LBS pico projector module photo

Sony further says that they developed an optical technology that enabled them to reduce speckle noise. Sony's module also includes a distortion correction circuit.

Sony now seeks to continue the development of this module - in an aim to achieve an even more compact size and a brighter image. It will bring this module to market for both standalone pico projectors and as an embeddable engine in devices.

Back in April Microvision announced that it signed a development agreement with a prominent electronics company ("a Fortune Global 100 electronics giant"). Now we now that this company is Sony. According to the information in April, Sony paid $4.6 million in development fees to Microvision.

Source: Sony

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