SSTDC announce a new SVGA laser pico projector module using Syndiant's microdisplay

Shanghai Sanxin Technology Development Company (SSTDC) has announced a new laser based pico-projector module. The SEE100 uses Syndiant's SYL2010 (SVGA, 800x600) microdisplay, and has 10 lumens brightness at 1.4W. The whole thing is just 39mm by 24mm by 7.8mm or 7.3cc. The SE100 is already being demonstrated to select customers around the world, and is aimed to be used inside smartphones. We're hoping to see a phones with this module arrive in 2010.

Laseno SEE100 module photo 2 Laseno SEE100 module photo

SSTDC has released the world's first laser projector (the Laseno SMP-101) back in September 2009.

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