SVP PPP03: the first under-$100 pico projector!

SVP is now shipping the PPP03 pico-projector in the US, for only $99.99! That's the cheapest pico-projector you can get, and the first one to go below $100. So what do you get for this low price? The projector engine is not so impressive (320x240, 10 lumens) but it does have an internal media player (1GB and an SD card slot) which can play back movies and photos. It also has A/V and USB inputs, and all this in just 95 grams. You can buy it over at


If you find the resolution too low (and, frankly, 320x240 is not so hot) - why not pay $5 more ($104.99) and get the AAXA P1 Jr.? The P1 Jr. is a bit heavier (126 grams) but it offers 576x432 resolution (SD) at 10 lumens, and it also offers an MP4 player (with an SD card slot). So if you want to buy a nice gift or try your first pico-projector, you've got nice options now...

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