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Cremotech to introduce a Syndiant-based 720p laser pico projector module

Syndiant logoCremotech is set to launch a new 720p laser pico projector module that is based on Syndiant's SYL2271 HD LCoS panel. Cremotech says they selected Syndiant's panel as it provided a high resolution, high contrast and nature color picture quality. The laser light source enables focus-free operation.

The display engine size is 50.5 x 48.1 x 19.85 mm, including the three (RGB) lasers, optics and the SYL2271 LCoS panel. Cremotech partnered with SK Telecom that will deploy this new engine.

Navdy launches a pico-projector based HUD for automobiles

Navdy launched a new pico-projector HUD for automobiles - that projects driving and navigation information right in front of the driver. This is an automotible after-market product- which means it can be fitted in existing cars. Navdy's product will launch in 2015 for $500 (but if you pre-order today the price will be $300).

The device uses a pico-projector, but the company will not reveal the technology or the projector module supplier. The did reveal that the device works great in all lighting conditions - from bright direct sunlight to nighttime due to the company technology.

JVC kenwood announced a new pico-projector based car navigation HUD

JVC Kenwood announced a new car navigation HUD (model MDV-737HUD), which will be released later on this month and will cost around ¥250,000 (over US$2,500), which includes the main LCD unit in the dashboard. The new HUD uses Syndiant's LCoS pico projector to display a 7" display in front of the driver.

JVC Kenwood MDV-737HUD photo

This is the first product from Syndiant and JVC Kenwood's strategic alliance announced in late 2012. The pico projector backplane is made by Syndiant while the cell assembly is being done by JVC.

PhoneSuit's Android-powered 1024x600 Lightplay pico projector now shipping for $499

PhoneSuit's Lightplay pico projector is now shipping for $499 in the US. The Lightplay is an Android-powered (V2.3, 1Ghz CPU) pico projector that features 1024x600 resolution, 50 lumens, Wi-Fi and motion-sensitive remote control. Inputs include HDMI, A/V and two USB ports (for keyboards, mouse or USB disks). It has 8GB of internal storage.

PhoneSuit Lightplay photo

Syndiant developed a new pico projector reference design platform

Syndiant developed a new reference design platform that can help device makers to quickly develop new devices based on their new HD pico projector module. Syndiant is targeting several applications, such as Pico TV, accessories for smartphones and tablets and augmented reality applications. The reference design is based on the new SYL2271 720p (1280x720) 0.37" LCoS panel, and will ship soon.

Syndiant reference design photo

This design platform was developed together with Greenlight Optics (polarizing beam splitter) and imagineOptix (PG polarization conversion system), OSRAM and ColorLink.

Syndiant and JVC-Kenwood to co-develop and produce LCoS for pico projectors and HUDs

Syndiant and JVC Kenwood announced a partnership to develop and produce pico LCoS devices. Syndiant will supply LCoS wafers to JVC Kenwood which will mass produce LCoS modules and integrate them in pico projectors and HUD products. As part of this partnership, Syndiant issued shares to JVC Kenwood (we do not know how many shares).

Syndiant SYL-2271 photo

Compound Photonics sues Syndiant over 4 patents

Syndiant logoCompound Photonics filed a lawsuit against Syndiant claiming it used 4 of its patents regarding microdisplays used in projection devices without authorization. The patents in dispute are:

#5,963,289 (Asymmetrical Scribe and Separation Method of Manufacturing Liquid Crystal Devices on Silicon Wafers) teaches an improved method of manufacturing LCoS devices, in which the scribing and separating process involve asymmetric or offset scribing to reduce the amount of non-functional area of a silicon substrate.

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