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TI announces the world's cheapest pico projector module at less than $20 for an nHD 20-30 lumens DLP

Texas Instruments released a new pico projector DLP module, it's lower cost ever - priced at $19.99. The DLP2000 is the world's most cost-effective pico projector module to date, and it's only 76x54 in size (for a complete module) and supports 20-30 lumens. The resolution is nHD (640×360).

TI DLP LightCrafter Display 2000 EVM photo

TI says that it shipped over 1 million pico projector chips in the first half of 2017. Most of these went to China, but TI says the the US market is also growing.

TI now ships a DLP evaluation board for the new 0.47" TRP Full-HD chipset

In December 2014, TI announced it began sampling its latest pico DLP chip, the 0.47-inch TRP Full-HD 1080 display chipset. TI now announced that it is now shipping the DLP LightCrafter Display 4710 evaluation module (EVM) for the new chipset.

TI DLP4710 Full-HD chipset photo

TI also introduced a new TI Designs reference design for full-HD projection display, which will help developers accelerate their design.

New crowd-funding campaigns aim to develop an interactive kids-oriented pico projector

Lumo is a new crowd-funding campaign that aims to raise $70,000 to develop a children-oriented interactive pico projector. Lumi is motion-reactive, and can be used in homes, museums and schools as an interactive toy. Lumo already raised over $45,000 with 19 days left in the campaign so it's likely they will meet their goal.

Technically, Lumo is powered by a WVGA (854x480) 100-lumens DLP pico projector. It uses Android OS with a 1.6 Ghz quad-core CPU and includes 8-Gb of internal storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an HDMI input.

TI starts sampling 0.47" Full-HD DLP chipsets

Last month TI announced that their 0.3" 720p TRP DLP pico chipset is now in mass production, and today TI announced a new chipset, the DLP4710 that supports Full-HD (1080p) in a 0.47" TRP panel.

TI DLP4710 Full-HD chipset photo

This is a great achievement by TI. The DLP4710 is already sampling, and it means that in the near future (probably within a year or two) we can expect Full-HD pico projectors. In fact TI says that the chipset will be available in early 2015 in high-volume quantities.

TI's latest 0.3" 720p DLP chipset is now available

In February 2014, Texas Instruments unveiled a new 0.3" 720p Tilt & Roll Pixel (TRP) DLP pico chipset. This chipset can be used in pico projectors and wearable displays, augmented reality displays and other applications. Today TI announced that the chip is now available, which means that we can probably expect 720p DLP pico projectors to arrive in 2015.

TI 0.3 TRP pico DLP chipset image

The new DLP chipset consists of a DLP3010 digital micromirror device (DMD), a DLPC3433/DLPC3438 display controller and a DLPA2005 LED driver for power management. TI also launched a new evaluation module, which they call the DLP LightCrafter Display 3010.

A $845 Android DLP pico projector raises $250,000 on kickstarter

The ODIN pico-projector project on KickStarter reached its $250,000 goal, supported by 550 backers (and there's still a few hours to go). ODIN is an android-based DLP (WVGA, 115 lumens) pico projector that can stream movies (Netflix & Hulu), access dropbox and skydrive and surf the web. 

The guys behind ODIN hope to ship the first products in December 2014. The price is quite high: $495 for early backers, but the final price will be $845!

TI explain the design process behind a DLP pico projector

Texas Instruments' strategic marketing manager for pico products, Carlos Lopez, posted an interesting article in Electronics Weekly detailing the design of a DLP-based pico projector.

A typical DLP pico projector system diagram

Carlos explains how DLP works, and then discusses the possible light sources, optical engines and some special considerations that you'll need to take into account if you want to design a pico projector based on TI's DLP chips.

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