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Bosch announces a new LBS pico projector module

Bosch Sensortec announced a new LBS pico projector module, the BML050. The new module is based on dual MEMS mirrors and can requires RGB laser diodesas light sources. The BML050 module includes a video processor, control circuits, laser drivers and power management ICs.

Bosch BML050 photo

Bosch says that the BML050 module will be available for selected customer projects in the second half of 2017. The modules supports a resolution of 720p at a frame rate of 50-72 Hz. The operation temperature range is 0 – 60 °C.

ITRI developed a new autmotive HUD display based on a laser pico projector module

Taiwan's ITRI research institute developed a new heads-up display fo rautomotive applications, based on a laser pico projector module. The so called Long-Distance Floating Multi-Screen HUD integrates the LBS pico projector with a beamsplitter to create three individual images that are reflected on a microlens array diffuser in the driver's line of sight.

ITRI LDF-MS HUD structure image

The projector provides a resolution of 2000x360, which translates into three 720p images. The final display appears to be a 26-inch wide display at a distance of about 2 meters in front of the driver. ITRI estimates that such a display could cost around $660 in the future.

The Fraunhofer Institute developed and commercialized a lens-array based pico projector technology

Researchers from the Fraunhofer IOF institute developed an projection array that uses an LED pico projector that overlays many channels on one another, using a lens array on top of the LED projector. This enables simple images to be shown on any curved or slated surface.

This achievement was sponsored by BMW, that use it in the 2015 Series 7 BMW cars to create a light "carpet" four meters in length along the side of the car. The projector is embedded below the door, which is an advantage over other solutions that has to embed it in the door itself.

Sharp adopts Microvision's PicoP in their new robot smartphone

Sharp announced a new small smartphone robot that has articulated animated arms and legs and a built-in pico projector. Sharp's RoboHon uses Microvision's PicoP LBS laser pico projector - and so Sharp is the Fortune-500 company Microvision has been collaborating with since 2014.

Sharp-RoboHon photo

The RoboHon is a tiny robot - but it's quire large (19.5cm tall) and heavy (390 grams) for a smartphone. Besidse the projector, it features facial recognition and voice recognition, a small 2" 320x240 display and LTE. The RoboHon can walk, sit down, dance and more.

The KiBoJet is a keyboard with a built-in pico projector

Taiwan's Sho U announced a new keyboard called the KiBoJet that includes an embedded pico projector so you can connect a computer and work without a monitor (you will need a nearby wall).

The projector features Full-HD resolution and 150 lumens - which is quite capable. The KiBoJet includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, speakers and an HDMI input which is used as the projection source. The keyboard is especially steady so your typing will not move the image.

New crowd-funding campaigns aim to develop an interactive kids-oriented pico projector

Lumo is a new crowd-funding campaign that aims to raise $70,000 to develop a children-oriented interactive pico projector. Lumi is motion-reactive, and can be used in homes, museums and schools as an interactive toy. Lumo already raised over $45,000 with 19 days left in the campaign so it's likely they will meet their goal.

Technically, Lumo is powered by a WVGA (854x480) 100-lumens DLP pico projector. It uses Android OS with a 1.6 Ghz quad-core CPU and includes 8-Gb of internal storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an HDMI input.

Navdy launches a pico-projector based HUD for automobiles

Navdy launched a new pico-projector HUD for automobiles - that projects driving and navigation information right in front of the driver. This is an automotible after-market product- which means it can be fitted in existing cars. Navdy's product will launch in 2015 for $500 (but if you pre-order today the price will be $300).

The device uses a pico-projector, but the company will not reveal the technology or the projector module supplier. The did reveal that the device works great in all lighting conditions - from bright direct sunlight to nighttime due to the company technology.

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