TriLite announces a new pico projection LBS engine

In January 2015, Austrian-based TriLite Technologies announced their first laser module, the LBS TriLite RGB Laser Module. The 35-lumens module is 8.5 x 11.5 x 6.2 mm in size and it weighs 1.4 grams (with an integrated ASIC).

TriLite RGB Laser Module photo

TriLite now annoucned a new agreement with a US-based partner that will help bring their technology to mass production, and in addition TriLite launched a new pico projection engine for the AR, VR and HUD markets. TrilLite did not reveal the name of its new partner, but said taht it is an eestablished player in the digital signage market.

It turns out that the company's first solution targets the commercial signage market. TriLite says that its partner plans to spend between five and ten million USD to buy equipment to perform active alignment of the chips and optics and produce the Trixel arrays in a consistent production method. This is not a mass production setup yet. TriLite wants to compete against LED displays, and prices for their solution will not be cheap (around five times as the cost of an equivalent LED display). Trilite is licensing its technology to its partner and will earn revenue on a royalty basis

The new engine is of more interest to us as it is a pico-projector engine that targets the AR and VR markets.

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