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TechSci sees the global pico projector market growing fast in the next 5 years

TechSci released a new report (Global Pico Projector Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2019) in which they forecast that the global pico projector market will grow at a CAGR of 41% between 2014 and 2019.

TechSci sees laser-based HD micro display chips to support this growth. In addition, OLED technology will also play a "significant role" in revolutionizing the pico projector market over the next five years.

Projection-based smart watch raises $170,000 on IndieGogo

Ritot is a new smartwatch that uses a pico-projector to project images on your hand. The team behind Ritot launched an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign and managed to quickly raise the $50,000 they wanted. In fact, as of today they already raised over $170,000 (and there are 38 days left on this campaign).

This is a great concept, but I have doubts whether it is actually practical. Will they indeed fit a pico-projector in such a tiny bracelet? Will the battery enough power to actually be usable? On one hand the projection distance is very small, and so it can be bright even with a low power. I guess it will have to be laser to stay in focus all the time, which also complicates as laser based projectors are still expensive...

A $845 Android DLP pico projector raises $250,000 on kickstarter

The ODIN pico-projector project on KickStarter reached its $250,000 goal, supported by 550 backers (and there's still a few hours to go). ODIN is an android-based DLP (WVGA, 115 lumens) pico projector that can stream movies (Netflix & Hulu), access dropbox and skydrive and surf the web. 

The guys behind ODIN hope to ship the first products in December 2014. The price is quite high: $495 for early backers, but the final price will be $845!

TI explain the design process behind a DLP pico projector

Texas Instruments' strategic marketing manager for pico products, Carlos Lopez, posted an interesting article in Electronics Weekly detailing the design of a DLP-based pico projector.

A typical DLP pico projector system diagram

Carlos explains how DLP works, and then discusses the possible light sources, optical engines and some special considerations that you'll need to take into account if you want to design a pico projector based on TI's DLP chips.

Best selling pico-projector update (July 2014)

Here's our monthly best-selling pico-projectors list for the beginning of July 2014. We're using data from Amazon.com, which seems to be selling the most wide range of pico projectors. This list does not include embedded modules in mobile phones or cameras. This month Amazon only lists 8 pico-projectors in their top 100 list...

  1. Aaxa P4X ($289)
  2. Aaxa P1 ($119)
  3. Brookstone HDMI pocket projector ($299)
  4. General Imaging PJ205 ($39)
  5. Aaxa P2 Jr. ($199)
  6. Brookstone pocket projector for iPhone 4 and 4S devices ($89)
  7. 3M Roku Streaming Projector ($229)
  8. Aaxa P3 ($219)

New pico projector: Acer C205

Acer's C205 is a bright (200 lumens) WVGA (854x480) stand alone DLP pico-projector. It contains a 4,200 battery, that should last for up to two hours. It contains an HDMI/HML input.

Acer C205 photo

The C205 is now shipping in the UK for about $445, and will launch in the US in July for $349.

Rock Technology offers 160 new 0.3 WVGA DLP modules on the cheap

Rock Technology has 160 DLP pico projectors modules for sale. These were acquired for a pico projector project, but were never used. These are all DLP 0.3 WVGA Series 220 chips (DLP3000FQB) assembled into module. The modules were made by Young Optics, and the part numbers are: LB17, A1019, and 0102.

TI nHD DLP chipsets on rice photo

Rock tells us that the usual asking price for these (for example at digikey) is $145.66 (or a $114.24 for a 1,000 units). Rock asks for only $19.95 each. Quite a good deal if you need a small amount of those chips.

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