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Best selling pico-projector update (February 2016)

Here's our monthly best-selling pico-projectors list for the beginning of February 2016. We're using data from Amazon.com, which seems to be selling the most wide range of pico projectors. This list does not include embedded modules in mobile phones or cameras.

  1. Sony MPCL1 ($349)
  2. Aaxa P1 ($107)
  3. RIF6 CUBE DLP Pico ($279)
  4. Aaxa P300 ($369)
  5. Celluon PicoPro ($349)
  6. Asus S1 LED ($316)
  7. Aaxa P4X ($254)
  8. Aaxa P2 Jr. ($169)

New pico projector: AAXA P5

AAXA's P5 is a bright (300 lumens) DLP pico projector that offers an WXGA (1280x720) resolution, a 120+ minute battery, an on-board media player and a wide range of connectivity options: HDMI, Mini-VGA, USB, Composite A/V and a micro-SD.

AAXA P5 photo

The P5 is now shipping for $339.

PMA: 2015 was a very good year for pico projectors, and the market will continue to grow

Pacific Media Associates (PMA) says that 2015 was a very good year for pico projectors, with sales rising 49% in the first 9 months over the same period in 2014 and revenues climbing 40%. PMA estimates that 1.9 million pico projectors were sold in 2014, generating $385 million in revenues.

PMA pico projector market forecast (2012-2018)

The market has been declining in past years, and the levels we saw in 2015 were similar to the situation in 2010 and 2011. The top year was 2012 with 2.3 million pico projectors sold. But recently the technology improved (mostly the higher resolutions available now, and the maturity of laser-based engines) and PMA expects the market to continue growing, especially after 2017.

Haier shows the R2D2 projector refrigerator

Haier demonstrated a new (and strnage) product, the R2-D2 moving refrigerator. This robot-shaped fridge is movable via a remote controlled, and looks like StarWar's R2D2.

Haier R2D2 projector refrigerator photo

The small (6 liters) fridge has a built-in laser (LBS) projector that features a 720p resolution, 32 lumens and can connect to Android via Miracast. The projector is based on Microvision's PicoP technology.

Microvision shows LBS projector prototypes at CES

Microvision posted an article detailing all the prototype and products they had on display at CES last week. On the product front, they demonstrated the Sony MP-CL1, Celluon's PicoBit, Haier's R2D2 refrigerator robot thing that has an embedded pico projector and Sharp's RoBoHon.

Sharp-RoboHon photo

Microvision also had several prototype and concepts on display - for projection and scanning systems.

Lenovo announced a 12" Windows tablet with an optional pico projector module

Lenovo announced a new tablet, the ThinkPad X1 tablet, a 12" Windows tablet powered by Intel’s latest Core m7 chipset. Lenovo announced three options modules for the new tablet - a keyboard, a 3D camera and a pico projector.

The so-called "presenter" module is the pico projector module, and it can project images up to 60" in size. We do not have any more technical specifications - but the cost will be $279 when the X1 launches next month (the tablet itself costs $899).

New pico projector: Philips Picopix PPX-4350

The Philips PPX4350 is a wireless pico projector with a built-in media player. It features 50 lumens, a DLP engine, HDMI, bluetooth and 4GB of internal memory plus a microSD slot.

Philips Picopix PPX4350 photo

The PPX4350 costs $399.99.

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