Adapt 305

Projector type: 
45 lumens, max image 100"

The Adapt 305 includes 4Gb of on board memory, and micro SD/TF slots. It also includes a VGA connection to a laptop. It supports many photos, audio and video formats (including JPEG, GIF, MP3, WMA, AAC, MPEG 1,2,4, AVI, WMV9, FLV, and more). It includes stereo speakers (each is 0.5W). The size is 110 x 60 x 25mm, and it weighs 190 grams (300grams with the battery).

Adapt 305Adapt 305

The Adapt 305 is available now for 305GBP in the UK.

First of all, I can't get

First of all, I can't get over how similar this looks to the Aaxatech P2!  My only concern is that Aaxatech states their P2 is rated at 33 ANSI lumens, while Adapt just says plainly 45lumens, could that be peak lumens?  Would be nice to see some pictures of the 305 in action.

I have talked to Adapt, and

I have talked to Adapt, and they say that both projectors use the same housing, but a different engine inside.

Sorry for all the comments that got deleted here...

Adapt 305 video

You can see the Adapt 305 in action on You Tube.

I think the commun mistake

I think the common mistake made here is that just because the product looks the same on the outside doesnt mean its the same on the inside. If it was a re brand then it would be supplied by Aaxa to Adapt and Adapt would just re-label it but this is not the case. You only have to look at the superier specification of the Adapt 305 and all the award winning reviews its had to realise the 2 projectors are very different on the inside whcih is where it matters most.

I suppose its similar to Aston Martin and Jaguar who have one model which shares the same exterior design but the Aston Martin is very different on the inside in terms of both performance, engine, and overall features and most would consider the Aston Martin a superior product. If you read all the reviews the Adapt 305 is the Aston Martin whereas the Aaxa is the Jaguar.

So it basically comes down to features, performance and value for money and the Adapt 305 wins in all 3 areas. With the Adapt 305 you are future proofing yourself with brightness, the biggest onboard memory (1gb v 4gb equating to a difference of £60/$95/€67) of any projector saving you a fortune on additional micro SD cards. So if you're purchasing the product in Europe you'l find its almost the same price once you take into account the endless import duties, VAT and other courier handling charges.

Price to import into EU including 14% import duties, 17.5% VAT (or higher in some EU countries) plus shipping and handling charges is $531 / £332 / €369 which is a very small saving when you consider the extra performance and future proofing of the Adapt 305. Also worth bearing in mind that Aaxa are based in the USA so EU customers must return the product to the US which means £32/€36 shipping and a 4 week delay before the product is returned.

Us distributor?

Now if we could only get it in the states . . . can't seem to find it anywhere . . .

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