December 2009

Vodafone Spain starts to sell Microvision's Show WX laser projector

AAXA releases Nokia, HTC Droid and Samsung phones connectors to the P1 and P2 pico projectors

Hands-On with the LG eXPo

The Yinlips projector-PMP is now shipping for $240

Yinlips YDP800 MP5

Micron to start making pico-projector modules (and stop making just microdisplays)

Microvision and Intel show a new game controller demo with a laser pico-projector

AAXA lowers the price of the P2 pico projector to 319$

Chinavasion CVJK-E42

AAXA announces the new M1 micro projector

AT&T starts to sell the LG eXpo projector phone, without the projector

Funny LG eXpo projector phone unboxing video

First user review of Microvision's Show WX laser pico projector

More LG eXpo commercials

The LG eXpo projector-phone is available for $49 over at

RoyalTek RPJ-2000

Royaltek launches a pico-projector, will develop a digital-TV enabled one soon

The PicoProjector-Info blog is now available for the Amazon Kindle

Logic Wireless 150LGW

Light Blue Optics to launch their first touch pico-projector product at CES

Explay bought for $555,000

Will AT&T start to sell the LG eXpo pico projector accessory soon?

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