September 2010

Will the new iPod include a pico-projector from Microvision?

What you can do with your Show-WX pico projector

Toshiba Lumileo P100

Toshiba Lumileo M200

Toshiba annouces their first pico-projectors: the P100 and M200

Philips Picopix PPX-1430

Philips Picopix PPX-1230

Philips Picopix PPX-1020

Philips shows 3 new PicoPix pico-projectors, not much info

Now we have some info on Philips' Picopix pico-projectors

Samsung's Galaxy-Beam projector phone shown at the IFA 2010

AAX P1 Jr unboxing and short review

Acer C20

Japanese researchers developed a new pico-projector based mobile gaming system

Aiptek V50

Aiptek announces the V50 DLP pico-projector

Researchers hope to create a green laser for pico-projectors using II-VI materials

KP Handheld PicoPocket Projector

Syndiant CEO: FSC LCoS to be the top technology for pico-projectors

AAXA's P1 Jr. pico projector is now available on

Lemoptrix shows their LBS pico-projector module, to be ready in 2011

3M MP180

3M Announces three new pico-projectors

3M MP160

3M Shoot 'n Share

A video of the Japanese pico-projector based mobile gaming system

Explay starts shipping laser pico-projector modules to customers, expects products in Feb 2011

Nikon's S1100pj projector camera is now shipping for $349

Flip iGo portable projector


Mozilla shows a new concept phone with dual pico-projectors

Microvision raised $12.375 million from Azimuth Opportunity

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