bTendo and STMicroelectronics to jointly develop the world's smallest laser pico-projector module

bTendo logobTendo and STMicroelectronics announced an agreement to jointly develop the world's smallest MEMS-based Laser-Beam-Steering projector for mobile devices. This projector will be based on bTendo's dual-mirror laser projector technology and ST's MEMs, video-processing and semiconductor technologies. 

bTendo projector module, 2009bTendo projector module, 2009

The new projector module will be less than 2.5cm3 in volume and below 6mm in height. It will offer focus-free images and will include a video-processing chip and built-in MIPI ((Mobile Industry Processor Interface) support.

The two companies will show a demo at MWC 2011 (Feb 14-17). We still do not know when they plan to offer actual modules and whether they have customers waiting. Back in May 2009 we visited bTendo - and were shown a demo of their laser pico-projector technology.


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