C2CLink announces a new green laser module

C2C Link announced a new high power green DPSS laser module called mGreen which can convert a 808-nm laser into a green one. The module is small (0.063 cc, 2x4.5x7mm , can be mass produced on the cheap and is efficient (~20%) and has high output power (590 mw).

C2clink mGreen image

The mGreen module consists a Nd:YVO4 laser crystal and a MgO:PPLN nonlinear crystal, which are aligned precisely with an air gap and assembled on a silicon subcarrier. A metal cover is used on top of the crystals for the purposes of protection and heat dissipation, as seen above. Therefore, mGreen module is a single alignment-free component, which is currently mass produced by C2C's joint venture, China's CQ Laser Technologies. The use of MgO:PPLN enabled C2CLink to achieve large conversion efficiency, and high output green light power, while the use of a plano-parallel cavity enable them to reduce the size of the green laser.

More info at C2CLink


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