Compound Photonics sues Syndiant over 4 patents

Syndiant logoCompound Photonics filed a lawsuit against Syndiant claiming it used 4 of its patents regarding microdisplays used in projection devices without authorization. The patents in dispute are:

#5,963,289 (Asymmetrical Scribe and Separation Method of Manufacturing Liquid Crystal Devices on Silicon Wafers) teaches an improved method of manufacturing LCoS devices, in which the scribing and separating process involve asymmetric or offset scribing to reduce the amount of non-functional area of a silicon substrate.

#6,140,983 (Display System Having Multiple Memory Elements Per Pixel With Improved Layout Design) teaches reducing bandwidth requirements for communicating display information to each display element, which increases operating efficiency of the device.

#6,339,417 (Display System Having Multiple Memory Elements Per Pixel) is the parent patent to the 6,140,983 patent.

#6,414,337 (Aperture Frame for Liquid Crystal Display Device) teaches placing a frame around a matrix of pixels at a surface of liquid crystal, which is the focal plane of the optical system and provides a single display that can work with many different optical systems (i.e. no customization needed). This patent also teaches use of the reflective frame to reflect rather than absorb light, thereby reducing heat generated in the device and reducing the need to address additional heat-related issues.

You can view the lawsuit papers here


Somehow, I am just not surprised that CP is doing this. They are struggling to get started in the pico arena with something, have no current revenue and they have limited time before running out of cash. Their CEO is getting desparate to keep things running and is the type that will do anything (even being pretty underhanded and borderline unethical) to stay in the game.

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