Disney shows projector-controlled character games

Disney is working on pico projector-controlled character games in a project called MotionBeam. The idea is that moving the projection device is used to guide and interact with the character:

While controlling projected games isn't really new (The Moject project was showing this back in April 2010), disney does suggest some new interaction principles such as controlling game physics, animation, augmented reality, staging and closure. You can see more Disney's interaction principles below:

Disney MotionBeam interaction principles image

Disney's prototype uses an iPod Touch 2G, a Microvision ShowWX classic laser pico projector and a microcontroller-sensor unit which includes a 9DOF accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer board, an ultrasonic distance sensor (MaxSonar) and an infrared receiver.

This is not Disney's first research concerning pico projectors. In December 2010, the company patented projector-cakes. It seems like they are into more interesting stuff now...

via Disney

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