Disney uses a pico-projector to bring storybooks to AR life

Disney unveiled a new augmented reality project called HideOut, which uses pico projector technology to enhance children storybooks. The basic idea is that the book has special infrared-absorbing ink which is invisible to human eyes. The HideOut device includes a pico projector and and a camera that can sense this ink - and so the projected image can animate with the book.

This can also be applied to all sorts of games, as demonstrated in the video above. Finally, this system can also be used for productivity and business ideas. Disney wouldn't say whether they have any commercialization plans. The project seems to be Microvision's ShowWX focus-free laser projector.

This is Disney Research's fourth project that uses a pico projector.SideBySide is an interactive projected system that allows multple people to play and work together as projected images by more than one device can become aware of each other and respond to other projections MotionBeam is a projector-controlled character game system, and there's that werid projected-cake patent they applied to in 2010...

Source: ExtremeTech

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