Light Blue Optics to launch their first touch pico-projector product at CES

Light Blue Optics are going to launch their first product, the "Light Touch" at CES (Jan 6th). LBO's pico projector modules are Holographic Laser-based, and allow the user to touch the projected image to provide user input.

Light blue optics conceptLight blue optics concept

Their modules support WVGA-QVGA images at 10 lumens. LBO’s proprietary technology has an ultra-wide throw angle and the ability to correct for optical aberrations using software. The projectors can switch between conventional front projection onto a wall and a novel table-down projection mode where the device is placed on a table and the content is projected down onto the surface in front of it (as shown above). LBO has recently raised $15 million.

For more information on LBO, check out our interview with their VP of BizDev.

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