New collapsible pico projector screen project at Kickstarter

Utilitron have developed a collapsible projector screen, and are trying to get $35,000 funding through a Kickstarter project. The PicoPocket Screen collapses to fit in your hand for ultimate portability - and allows for better viewing experience with a pico projector. The screen itself is already developed, they need to money to start production. Here's a nice video showing it in action:

Good luck guys. You can donate/fund this project here.

Seen a few versions of this

Seen a few versions of this product on the market but found that after a few times of using it the screen creases up really badly to the point where its pointless using it.

Secondly i notice the video doesnt show it going back in the pouch and thats probably because once its out the bag its a nightmare to get back in so ive ended up carrying the screen around at full size which really defeats the object of portability. To get it back in you have to be either a magician or contortionist as you twist and screw the nice smooth screen up.

Collapsible Screens

Putting these screens back in the bag can be done with your eyes closed.  As a photographer I use many screens similar to this and they all fold nicely back into the case.  No crease marks either.  Can't understand how you could possibly have a problem? 

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