Stand alone projector

Brookstone Keychain Projector

Brookstone's keychain projector is a tiny budget low-end projector that can connect using micro-HDMI to your Android phone (Apple devices require an Apple Digital AV adapter, sold separately). It charges via Micro-USB (cable is included).

Brookstone Keychain Projector photo

The keychain projector is now shipping for $29.99.

Sony MP-CL1A

Sony's MP-CL1A (an update to Sony's MP-CL1) is a laser (LBS) HD (1920x720) pico projector that offers focus-free and short-throw projection. The MP-CL1 supports bluetooth, Wi-Fi and HDMI/MHL connectivity and has a built-in 3,400 mAh battery good for 2 hours.

Sony MP-CL1A photo

The MP-CL1A is now shipping for $399.99.

BenQ GS1

BenQ's GS1 is an outdoor pico projector that BenQ hopes will become an essential camping gear item. The GS1 has a sturdy optional rubber case that is "drop proof" - and can survive a fall of 60 cm and is also splash proof.

BenQ GS1 photo

The G1 can connect to your phone to stream content, or read data from a USB drive. Battery should last for 3 hours, and is swappable. 

Magnasonic LED pocket pico projector

Magnasonic's pico projector is a LED-based DLP projector that features a resolution of 640x360 and 25 lumens. It has a full-size HDMI slot and a micro-USB port. It has a 2100 mAh battery - that should last for two hours.

Magnasonic LED pocket pico projector photo

The LED pocket pico projector is now shipping for $170.


The Airxel is a high-end DLP HD (1280x720) 220 Lumens pico projector that features a unique design, HDMI input, Wi-Fi, and auto keystone correction.

INNOIO Airxel logo

The Airxel is now shipping in Korea for 550,000 Won (around $485 USD).

Aiptek PocketCinema A100W

Aiptek's A100W is a DLP (WVGA, 854x480) pico projector that can connect to your phone, tablet or computer via Wi-Fi, HDMI or MHL. It features 120 lumens, dedicated Android/iOS application, HDMI out, 2-hours battery, power-bank feature and a maximum image size of 120".

Aiptek PocketCinema A100W photo

The A100W is now shipping for $399.99.

UO Smart Beam Laser Mini Projector

UO's Smart Beam laser mini projector is a tiny cube (2.2" on all sides) that features a laser module capable of HD (720p) resolution and a focus-free operation. It includes MHL and HDMI inputs and a 2-hour battery.

UO Smart Beam Laser Mini Projector photo

The Smart Beam is now shipping for $419.99.

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