Projector phone

Stand alone Pico Projectors are great, but it's even better to embed them inside mobile devices - particularly mobile phones a Projector phone if you wish. This means that you can project a large image (usually up to 50"-80") directly from your phone - this is a great way to share and enjoy digital content on a mobile device!

Samsung showSamsung show

Projector phones today

There are already several projector phones, including:

LG eXpo photo

Projector phones future

TI, who makes the DLP light chip powering many projectors is very optimistic about projector phones. In fact they say that in a few years they will be as popular as 'camera phones' are today.

In the meantime, we know that many companies are working on new projector phones: Nokia, Samsung, LG, NTT DoCoMo and even Apple.

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