ST shows a tiny 720p laser pico projector prototype, says to expect devices soon

In March 2012 bTendo and STMicroelectronics announced an agreement to jointly develop the world's smallest MEMS LBS projector. Later on the companies unveiled a first prototype and finally ST acquired bTendo in August 2012. At CES, ST unveiled their latest optical engine prototype, a 720p, 15 lumens projector module and a tiny projector prototype, probably the smallest battery-powered one we've seen.

ST 720p laser pico projector prototype photo

The optical engine is tiny indeed - only 1.7cc (5mm high). In the photos you can see the engine together with the core board. ST also showed a complete HDMI projector prototype - which is only 8cm x 4cm x 6mm, with most of the space taken by the battery. This projector is basically the size of a credit card only thicker...

ST 720p laser pico projector parts photo

ST says they are ramping up production and products that integrate those engines are expected "very soon". ST's projector use a direct green laser.

ST 720p laser pico projector light engine photo

ST 720p laser pico projector prototype open photo

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