Syndiant shows pico-projector prototypes that use direct lasers from OSRAM, Nichia and Soraa

Syndiant (together with Intersil) has displayed three pico-projectors prototypes that use direct red, green and blue direct lasers from Nichia, OSRAM and Soraa (and Syndiant's LCoS microdisplays).

Nichia, OSRAM and Soraa lasers from Syndiant CES 2011 (photo)

Syndiant says that it is clear from the demo that direct lasers offer a better image that is virtually speckle free. Those lasers aren't commercially available yet. Syndiant is expecting that by January next year (at CES 2012) they will show a HD laser pico-projector engine that is virtually speckle free and is 'very small'. Here's the complete set of announcements by Syndiant at CES.

Back in November, Microvision also displayed two prototypes that use direct green lasers from two different manufacturers (we do not know who).

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